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Nye bøker: oktober 2010

Vi har fått inn en rekke nye bøker i oktober. Denne gang kan vi blant annet også tilby en håndfull nye filmer om kunst. Enjoy!

1     Ali, Tariq: Night of the golden butterfly
2 Auster, Paul: Invisible
3 Auster, Paul: Usynlig
4 Barton, Anna: Tennyson's name
5 Beckett and phenomenology
6 Beer, J.B.: Coleridge's Play of mind
7 Catton, Eleanor: The Rehearsal
8 Cisneros, Sandra: Woman hollering creek
9 Coe, Jonathan: The terrible privacy of Maxwell Sim
10 Colebrook, Claire: Milton, evil and literary history
11 Coolahan, Marie-Louise: Women, writing, and language in early modern Ireland
12 Dean, Louise: The old romantic
13 Enlightening Romanticism, romancing the Enlightenment
14 Fellow romantics
15 Gossin, Pamela: Thomas Hardy's novel universe
16 Havholm, Peter: Politics and awe in Rudyard Kipling's fiction
17 Houghton-Walker, Sarah: John Clare's religion
18 Leibrandt, Isabella: Las herramientas electrónicas en la didáctica de la litera
19 Levin, Susan M.: Dorothy Wordsworth and romanticism
20 Literature and globalization
21 Lynch, Jack: Deception and detection in eighteenth-century Britain
22 López Martínez, María Isabel: El tópico literario
23 Matheson, Richard: A stir of echoes
24 McGilchrist, Megan Riley: The western landscape in Cormac McCarthy and Wallace Stegn
25 McWilliams, Ellen: Margaret Atwood and the female bildungsroman
26 Pilkington, Doris: Follow the rabbit-proof fence
27 Powell, Jim: Å knuse egg
28 Ringgaard, Dan: Stedssans
29 Saxton, Kirsten T.: Narratives of women and murder in England
30 Soyinka, Wole: Mandela's earth and other poems
31 Tóibín, Colm: Brooklyn
32 The Unfamiliar Shelley
33 Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury
34 Waters, Catherine: Commodity culture in Dickens's Household words
35 The Wesleyan anthology of science fiction
36 Worrall, David: Harlequin empire

1     Kohnen, Thomas: Text, Textsorte, Sprachgeschichte
2 Nelson, Gerald: English

1 Ades, Dawn: Marcel Duchamp
2 Anderson, Richard L.: Calliope's sisters
3 Barnes, Bernadine: Michelangelo in print
4 Between art and anthropology
5 Bourriaud, Nicolas: Postproduction
6 Bryant, Julius: Figurative and narrative sculpture
7 Caro, Anthony: Anthony Caro
8 Causey, Andrew: The drawings of Henry Moore
9 Clark Conference : Compression vs. expression
10 Collins, Ian: John McLean
11 Delacroix, Eugène: Une passion pour Delacroix
12 Duve, Thierry de: Clement Greenberg between the lines
13 Ex-cavating modernism
14 The Fall of the studio
15 Fer, Briony: The infinite line
16 Flowers, Benjamin: Skyscraper
17 Folda, Jaroslav: Crusader art
18 Fried, Michael: The moment of Caravaggio
19 Gilly, Friedrich: Essays on architecture, 1796-1799
20 Gledhill, John: Catalogue raisonné of the oil paintings of Matthew Smith
21 Goodman, Nelson: Languages of art
22 Graham, Beryl: Rethinking curating
23 Grewe, Cordula: Painting the sacred in the age of Romanticism
24 Hall, Thomas: Planning Europe's capital cities
25 Hook, Philip: The ultimate trophy
26 Identity theft
27 Jørgensen, Jørgen: Glæden ved at bo
28 Kaplan, Janet A.: Remedios Varo
29 Kroesen, Justin E.A.: The interior of the medieval village church
30 Levine, Neil: Modern architecture
31 Manifest
32 Mey, Kerstin: Art and obscenity
33 Moore-McCann, Brenda: Brian O'Doherty/Patrick Ireland
34 Neighbourhood secrets
35 Olafur Eliasson: Olafur Eliasson
36 Reading medieval images
37 Robertson, Clare: The invention of Annibale Carracci
38 Rugg, Judith: Exploring site-specific art
39 Screening war
40 Sojuz sovetskich socialisticeskich respublik
41 Steland, Anne Charlotte: Herman van Swanevelt (um 1603-1655)
42 Thea, Carolee: On curating
43 Watteau, Antoine: Antoine Watteau et l'art de l'estampe
44 Werner, Paul: Museum, Inc.
45 Wilson, Stephen: Information arts

1     Alice in Wonderland
2 Alice in Wonderland
3 Architecture and the Russian avant-garde
4 Battle for Haditha
5 Beaubourg
6 Bernini architect
7 Borromini
8 The Chaplin Mutual comedies
9 Louis I. Kahn, architect
10 Modernism
11 Näkymätön Elina
12 Parthenon
13 Ralph Erskine
14 Saved from the flames
15 Sketches of Frank Gehry
16 Understanding cities: London
17 Understanding cities: Roma
18 Understanding cities: Paris

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