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Nye bøker: mai og juni 2011

1     Acosta Gómez, Luis A.: El lector y la obra
2 Armitage, Simon: Tyrannosaurus Rex versus the Corduroy Kid
3 Baldwin, Stanley P.: Vladimir Nabokov
4 Barnes, Julian: Pulse
5 Beasley-Murray, Tim: Mikhail Bakhtin and Walter Benjamin
6 Best gay love stories, 2005
7 Bewes, Timothy: The event of postcolonial shame
8 Birch, Carol: Jamrach's menagerie
9 Borlik, Todd A.: Ecocriticism and early modern English literature
10 Bradford, Richard: Graphic poetics
11 Bradley, Arthur: The new atheist novel
12 Burnett, Frances Hodgson: En liten prinsesse
13 The Cambridge history of English poetry
14 Chin, Justin: Attack of the man-eating lotus blossoms
15 Chin, Justin: Burden of ashes
16 Churchill, Caryl: Plays: four
17 Churchill, Caryl: Plays: three
18 Clark, Thomas A.: Om skog & vatn
19 Clark, Timothy: The Cambridge introduction to literature and the environme
20 A Companion to Romantic poetry
21 Cook, Elizabeth Heckendorn: Epistolary bodies
22 Cordell, Sigrid Anderson: Fictions of dissent
23 Coupland, Douglas: Generation A
24 Coupland, Douglas: Player one
25 Cross, Donna Woolfolk: Pave Johanna
26 Dhami, Narinder: Bindi-babes
27 Doctor Faustus
28 Encyclopedia of feminist literary theory
29 Exploring textual action (Vol. 2010:5 av: Acta Jutlandica Humanities series
30 Fantasy
31 Faubert, Michelle: Rhyming reason
32 Georg Lukács
33 Gordon, Lyndall: Lives like loaded guns
34 Guy, Josephine: The Routledge concise history of nineteenth-century litera
35 Hackett, Robin: Sapphic primitivism
36 Hadley, Tessa: The London train
37 Hamilton, Nigel: Biography
38 Hart, Matthew: Nations of nothing but poetry
39 Hebron, Stephen: Shelley's ghost
40 Hennig, Åsmund: Litterær forståelse
41 Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz: Wild unrest
42 Hustvedt, Siri: The Summer Without Men
43 J.M. Coetzee's austerities
44 Jones, David Houston: Samuel Beckett and testimony
45 Kalotay, Daphne: Russisk vinter
46 Karasëv, L.V.: Flejta Gamleta
47 Kesey, Ken: Sometimes a great notion
48 Klakken, Linda: Den siste beatpoeten
49 Kognitiv poetik
50 Krauss, Nicole: Great house
51 Lawrence, Karen R.: Who's afraid of James Joyce?
52 Leclercq, Jean: Monks and love in twelfth-century France
53 Losen
54 Lyrik! (Vol. 21 av: Meddelanden från Avdelningen för nordisk litteratur, Nordi Helsingfors univer
55 Masquerade
56 McCabe, Patrick: The stray sod country
57 McWilliam, Candia: What to look for in winter
58 Miller, W. Jason: Langston Hughes and American lynching culture
59 Morrison, Blake: The last weekend
60 Nayar, Pramod K.: Postcolonialism
61 New Irish short stories
62 O'Brien, Edna: Saints and sinners
63 O'Hagan, Andrew: The life and opinions of Maf the Dog, and of his friend Ma
64 Oates, Joyce Carol: Give me your heart
65 Olsen, Per: Livet bliver ikke genudsendt
66 Orringer, Julie: The invisible bridge
67 Pahuus, Mogens: Litteratur og billedkunst
68 Perry, Imani: Prophets of the hood
69 Picoult, Jodi: Åstedet
70 Pullman, Philip: Once upon a time in the North
71 Queer stories for boys
72 Retorikkens aktualitet
73 Richards, David Adams: The friends of Meager Fortune
74 Ro, Sigmund: Rebeller i paradis
75 Rushdie, Salman: Luka og livets flamme
76 Russell, Karen: Swamplandia!
77 Sansom, C.J.: Åpenbaring
78 Saunders, Max: Self impression
79 Segnit, Nat: Pub walks in Underhill country
80 The Seventeenth-century literature handbook
81 Sewell, Kitty: Mørke skyer
82 Shakespeare and his authors
83 Sherborne, Michael: H.G. Wells
84 Shuttleworth, Sally: The mind of the child
85 Sion, Ronald T.: Aldous Huxley and the search for meaning
86 Stevens, Chevy: Fortsatt savnet
87 Szalay, David: Spring
88 Tearne, Roma: The swimmer
89 Ted Hughes and the classics
90 Thomas, Scarlett: Vårt tragiske univers
91 Tower, Wells: Alt plyndra, alt brent
92 Travers, P.L.: Mary Poppins
93 Vardy, Alan D.: Constructing Coleridge
94 Volpone
95 White, Edmund: A boy's own story
96 Winder, Robert: The final act of Mr Shakespeare
97 Winter, Kathleen: Annabel
98 Woodward, Gerard: Nourishment
99 Wyld, Evie: After the fire, a still small voice
100 Zubiaurre, María Teresa: El espacio en la novela realista
101 Auel, Jean M.: De hellige hulers land
102 Baker, Nicholson: The anthologist
103 Ben Hur
104 Brontë, Charlotte: Tales of the islanders
105 Byatt, A.S.: Barnas bok
106 Cain, Chelsea: Mørketid
107 Casey, Jane: De savnede
108 Chevalier, Tracy: Englefall
109 Chin, Justin: Harmless medicine
110 Crummey, Michael: Galore
111 Currie, Ron: Alt betyr noe!
112 Ellmann, Maud: The nets of modernism
113 Freud, Esther: Lucky break
114 Gillespie, Stuart: English translation and classical reception
115 Hall, Radclyffe: A saturday life
116 Healy, Dermot: Long time, no see
117 Hensher, Philip: King of the badgers
118 Hunt, Samantha: The seas
119 Hustvedt, Siri: The Summer Without Men
120 Identity parade
121 The Isherwood century
122 MacIntyre, Linden: The bishop's man
123 Mandal, Jay: The loss of innocence
124 Mason, Zachary: The lost books of the Odyssey
125 Real stories, imagined realities
126 Den Sorte pil
127 Tóibín, Colm: Love in a dark time
128 Walcott, Derek: White egrets
129 Wolfreys, Julian: Literature, in theory

1     Corpus-based approaches to English language teaching
2 Eighteenth-century English
3 Trudgill, Peter: International English
4 Börjars, Kersti: Introducing English grammar
5 Hitchings, Henry: The language wars

1     Adamson, Glenn: Thinking through craft
2 Bleken, Håkon: Håkon Bleken
3 Bobrovnitskaya, I.A.: Sakrale skatter fra Kreml-museene i Moskva
4 The Body in early modern Italy
5 Calderòn, Yamile: From his point of view I am an A4 person
6 Carl, Peter: On certain possibilities for the irrational embellishment
7 Carpenter, Rhys: The esthetic basis of Greek art of the fifth and fourth ce
8 Carus, Carl Gustav: Nine letters on landscape painting
9 The Courtyard house
10 Dalí, Salvador: L'alliberament dels dits
11 De Waal, Edmund: The hare with amber eyes
12 Designing for the 21st century
13 Dramaturgia festiva y cultura nobiliaria en el Siglo de Or
14 Engelstad, Arne: Film
15 Fonseca Hidalgo, José Andres: Narrative tendencies in Latin American fiction cinema (199
16 Fredheim, Arnt Normann: 7th Lane
17 Geriljabroderi
18 Gilly, Friedrich: Essays on architecture, 1796-1799
19 Gruben, Gottfried: Klassische Bauforschung
20 Grønvold, Ulf: Arne Henriksen
21 Harrison, Colin: The Pre-Raphaelites and Italy
22 Harshav, Benjamin: The Moscow Yiddish Theater
23 Himmel og hav
24 Horrigan, Patrick E.: Widescreen dreams
25 Hovet, Vilborg Stubseid: Den illustrerte boka
26 Håkon Arnestad Bjærke
27 Ibáñez, Marthe Kvarteig de: Lys fra fjellene
28 Kjærlighetens strand : Kjærlighetens strand
29 Lange, Marit: Kitty Lange Kielland (1843-1914)
30 Learning mind
31 Leuthold, Steven M.: Cross-cultural issues in art
32 Made in Norway
33 Mann, William J.: Behind the screen
34 Messner, Michael A.: Out of play
35 Miralles, Roger: Barcelona
36 Munch by Warhol : Munch by Warhol
37 Nygaard, Bjørn Terje: Bjørn Terje Nygaard
38 Olsson, Tommy: Gift
39 The Optic of Walter Benjamin
40 Our fragile heritage
41 Preserve then show
42 Promises of the past
43 Riegl, Alois: The origins of Baroque art in Rome
44 Rijksmuseum : Netherlandish art in the Rijksmuseum 1700-1800
45 Ross, Leslie: Art and architecture of the world's religions
46 The Routledge companion to research in the arts
47 Rubin, Michael: Den lille digitalvideo-boken
48 Sorek, Susan: The emperor's needles
49 Storn, Willibald: Det sorte øye
50 Surreal friends
51 Svendal, Sigrid Øvreås: Amerikansk påvirkning på norsk scene- og populærdans i per
52 Traba, Marta: Mirar en América
53 Travel, space, architecture
54 Urban, Florian: Neo-historical East Berlin
55 Welton, Jude: Henri Matisse
56 Whyman, Rose: The Stanislavsky system of acting
57 Andersen, Stian: Turboneger
58 Bale, Kjersti: Estetikk
59 Congdon, Kristin G.: Twentieth century United States photographers
60 Doherty, Tiarna: Looking at paintings
61 Gerskovic, Evgenija: Vysokij stalinskij stil'
62 Godfrey, Tony: Painting today
63 Hollis, Edward: The secret lives of buildings
64 Mancoff, Debra N.: Icons of beauty
65 Miró, Joan: Epistolari català
66 Peder Balke
67 Penn, Irving: Irving Penn
68 Pevsner, Nikolaus: Visual planning and the picturesque
69 Pudovkin, V.I.: Selected essays
70 Sander, August: August Sander
71 Serpentine Gallery Manifesto Marathon
72 Silver, Kenneth E.: Chaos and classicism
73 Slotfeldt, Irmelin: Irmelin Slotfeldt
74 Street and studio
75 Sylvester, David: Henry Moore
76 Umland, Anne: Picasso guitars
77 Wolf, Christa: Malerfreunde

1     Agatha Christie Poirot special collection
2 Doktoren mister en pasient ; Hvem skrev til Louise? ; Herc (Vol. 4 av: Agatha Christie Poirot
3 Døden i flyet ; Stylesmysteriet ; Mord etter alfabetet (Vol. 3 av: Agatha Christie Poirot colle
4 Thomsen, Ingrid Reed: Chr. Skredsvig (1854-1924)
5 En Frusen dröm
6 [uten bindtittel] (Vol. 1 av: The Harold Lloyd comedy collection
7 [uten bindtittel] (Vol. 3 av: The Harold Lloyd comedy collection
8 [uten bindtittel] (Vol. 2 av: The Harold Lloyd comedy collection
9 [uten bindtittel] (Vol. 4 av: The Harold Lloyd comedy collection
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